Young French people's 'risky' thirst for alcohol revealed in new study – The Local France

Some 200,000 people between the ages of 18 to 64 were interviewed as part of the survey commissioned by an inter-ministerial mission against drugs and alcohol dependency.

The most worrying result of the survey, published by Europe1 radio, was that some 36 percent of men under the age of 35, so more than a third of men, drink alcohol to a level considered “at risk”.

In other words their drinking habits are are considered dangerous to their health and they could even be considered as dependent on alcohol, Europe1 writes.

When it comes to women some 15 percent of under 35s admitted to having a drinking habit that could be considered at risk. 

For health authorities a risky level of alcohol consumption is over 10 alcoholic drinks a week or two or more each day.

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The study also revealed that those working in all kinds of sectors and at all levels were at risk.

In other words the notion that those working in poor skilled labouring or factory jobs were more at risk than engineers, or managers is not accurate.

“You are alone in your kitchen, and you think you’ve had a tough day and it feels like a reward and a way to unwind from the work, managing the house, doing the shopping” Sophia, a commercial executive in the pharmaceutical industry, told Europe1 radio.

The study showed that both men and women working in sales and business who dealt with the public on a daily basis were most likely to drink alcohol to a risky level.

In recent years French authorities have taken steps to crackdown on binge drinking among young people and in 2016 introduced restrictions on happy hours.

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