Why Space Companies Are Revealing Their Secret Tech at SXSW – Observer

A SXSW attendee goes to Mars virtually to act out a scene in The Martian. Thaddeus Cesari

The annual South by Southwest festival and conference held in Austin, Texas has revealed a surprising undercurrent to 2018’s programming: this year, more than ever, it acts as a crucial facet to promote the aerospace industry.

“Aerospace is usually a very secretive, closed-door industry,” said Cory Williamson of Firefly Aerospace, a company that makes light satellite launch vehicles based just outside of Austin. At SXSW they blow that open. “[Usually] you don’t get to see the hardware up close, so this is how we can show people what rocket parts look like, and how they work,” he said, giving attendees the rare opportunity to satisfy the curiosity of that wannabe astronaut who lives in all of us.

SXSW isn’t just a music, film, and media festival. For companies hoping to grow their brand, for startups seeking to tell an interesting story and for entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses, SXSW’s thousands of attendees can be the perfect way to build the right relationship to accelerate progress.

A breeding ground for new ideas and partnerships, this year the festival has provided a huge platform for the space industry to drive conversation about innovations and gain exposure to potential financial backers who might not normally have a direct pathway into space-related projects

ispace’s rover concept. Thaddeus Cesari

“We want to stimulate interest among companies or individuals that are not traditionally in space, and let them know that there is boundless opportunity here,” Aaron Sorenson, Global Communications Officer of ispace told Observer. His company is trying to figure out how best to use the resources found on the moon. “We also want to learn, we want to get inspired, and to find creative ways to

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