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Online casinos, while literally at the finger tips of modern gamers, are still a relatively unknown thing. Yet online gambling in New Jersey has exploded in the past year. “The growth has been tremendous,” says Mattias Stetz, COO at Rush Street Interactive/playsugarhouse.com. “From January 2017 through March 2018, the online casino market in New Jersey has grown over 50%.”

Perhaps one of the reasons for the growth is a lesser-known fact about these readily available internet casinos. They offer, effective responsible gaming tools available that give players better control over when and how much they gamble. A player will have an easier time managing the experience of gambling online versus an experience gambling in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

The following are reasons why gamers have an easier time controlling their gambling and finding opportunities for responsible gaming when online.

1. A tractable platform

For the most part, gambling in the real world is based around very little real-time accountability. It isn’t until the fun is over that some gamers realize just how far they took their entertainment.

With online gaming, players are able to better keep track of their spending, winning and losing.

“Everything online is trackable to you as a player,” says Stetz, COO at Rush Street Interactive/playsugarhouse.com while talking about the Sugarhouse platform.”You as a player … are able to see in real time whenever you wish how many transactions you have done, how much you’ve wagered, how much you’ve won, how much you’ve lost, your current balance, etc.”

2. The ability to set limits

Online, players are able to set limits that can help them manage their spending. Whether that

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