Why is the UK gaming industry growing so fast? – Telegraph.co.uk

Better availability of funding, quality talent and wider consumer trends are contributing to the growth of UK gaming.

The UK gaming industry is growing exponentially. Last year was a record year for both the monetary value of the UK gaming market (£4.33bn) and its impact on other sectors, such as films and merchandising (£100.5m).  

And it’s not yet finished its growth spurt; estimates from PwC suggest that by 2021, the UK market will be worth £5.2bn, growing at a rate
of 6.7pc, making it Europe’s largest market and the fifth largest in
the world.

About half of the UK population plays video games – be it on a games console, smartphone, PC, VR headset or online. The rise in the popularity of gaming is partly due to the increased accessibility that the public has to them; at the tap of a screen, you can download games
onto a smart device, order the latest physical releases, or watch world-class eSports gamers take down their opponents.

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