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Another non-waiver Trade Deadline has come and gone, which means that baseball fans everywhere have been reintroduced to an old friend: the player to be named later. He pops up every year — the return in a minor deal, a throw-in as part of a larger package — only to be forgotten just as quickly as he appeared. It’s hard to hang your hopes on the abstract idea of a player, after all, and historically speaking, the odds are very slim that a PTBNL will end up having a memorable career.

Of course, there’s a reason we said “very slim” instead of “nil.” As it turns out, some bona fide MLB stars got their start as players to be named later. (And that’s not to mention guys who were eventually traded for themselves.)

David Ortiz

No, it’s not how Papi wound up in Boston. Ortiz signed with the Red Sox (thanks to a helpful nudge from Pedro Martinez) in January 2003, after spending his first six seasons with the Twins. But it is how he wound up in Minnesota: The Twins sent veteran infielder Dave Hollins to Seattle in August of 1996, and then, a couple of weeks later, Seattle sent back Ortiz — then a Class A prospect going by the name of David Arias — to complete the deal. 

Hollins actually played well for the Mariners, hitting .351 down the stretch, but Seattle fell short of the postseason. As for Ortiz, well, you know:

Michael Brantley

When Milwaukee agreed to send four players to Cleveland for CC Sabathia at the 2008 Deadline, it’s safe to say they didn’t think Brantley would be the piece they’d regret parting with. The headliner in that package was supposed to be slugging first baseman Matt LaPorta, a former top-10 pick

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