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Each year, 11 teams have their dreams crushed in the NFL playoffs. The league’s single-elimination tournament rewards exceptional regular-season performances with home-field advantage and little else, setting the stage for epic upsets and Cinderella runs like the Packers in 2010 or the Giants in 2007.

But while that creates the feel-good moments the league replays to great effect whenever needed, it also scuttles remarkable seasons for oft-forgotten teams. There are several candidates for the “best team to not win the Super Bowl,” but other than the 16-0 Patriots of ‘07, those seasons only remain vivid in the minds of fans forced to spend one Monday in January pretending SportsCenter doesn’t exist.

There have been plenty of good teams forced to watch the Lombardi Trophy fall just outside their grasp. There have been far fewer great ones. These are the best teams to never win a Super Bowl.

The 2007 New England Patriots

The bellwether for all “greatest team to never win it” arguments. New England was a juggernaut in ‘07 thanks to a record-setting offense that paired prime Tom Brady up with prime Randy Moss in an epic, months-long game of fetch. On the other side of the ball, head coach Bill Belichick mixed heady veterans like Junior Seau, Tedy Bruschi, and Rodney Harrison with young homegrown talent like Vince Wilfork and Asante Samuel to build a team that outscored opponents by an average score of 37-17 during the regular season.

Not many teams made it close against the Pats that year — but the Giants were an exception. New York played New England tough in a Week 17 defeat that proved they could hang with a team on the precipice of history. On that fateful Sunday, the Giants (and David Tyree’s helmet) proved much more, turning 19-0 into 18-1

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