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We’re smack dab in the middle of summer. It’s hotter than the hinges of Hell outside, chunks of Antarctica are floating away and we’re still a couple of weeks from NFL training camps opening.

So let’s talk about “Baby Driver,” shall we? I promise there won’t be any spoilers here for you slackers who haven’t trekked to your local cinema to take in this modern classic. In fact, I don’t even really want to write about the movie. I’d rather talk about the soundtrack. Or at least one song on the soundtrack.

Arguably the biggest win on this soundtrack is finding the OTHER Young MC song.

— Marcas Grant (@MarcasG) July 10, 2017

That’s right. There’s more than one Young MC song. If we’re being literal, he released eight albums — including one in 2008 — but in this case, I’m talking about “Know How.” Still, he’ll always be remembered for just one song. Honestly, Marvin Young could singlehandedly defeat a gaggle of dragons to win the War of the Five Kings and sit on the Iron Throne and he’d still be the dude who recorded “Bust a Move.”

(Aside: One of the more famous lines from that song recently inspired a pretty entertaining Twitter debate. The correct answer is, of course, Larry.)

Anyway, I’m guessing you’ve probably figured out that this nonsensical trip through my personal pop culture junk drawer is a convoluted way of setting up this piece where I look at nine guys who likely blew up your fantasy season last year and try to determine if they’re, ya know, more fantasy-friendly this year.

But still … go see “Baby Driver.”


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