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[email protected] Published 4:03 p.m. ET Aug. 11, 2018

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Suffered enough

Americans will soon be able to make 3-D printed guns from their homes, widening the door to do-it-yourself versions of firearms. The choices will include the AR-15, the gun of choice in American mass shootings.

All 3D-printed guns will be untraceable, and since you can make them yourself, no background check is required. A settlement earlier this year between the State Department and Texas-based Defense Distributed will let the nonprofit release blueprints for guns online starting Aug. 1, a development hailed by the group as the death of gun control in the United States.” The age of the downloadable gun begins,” Defense Distributed stated on its site. Its founder, Cody Wilson, tweeted a photograph of a grave marked “American gun control.”

We are a nation that used to be great, today this nation shrugs its shoulders at the daily murders and massacres. These weapons can pass though security without showing up on screens. Yep, this is the “end” of any real gun control. I’m amazed that there has been so little reaction to this latest murder weapon. I guess the people feel they have no choices any longer.

Where is our Congress? Haven’t we suffered enough from guns?

Michael Golding, south Fort Myers

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Calm down

Why is it that conservatives were able to conduct themselves normally during the eight years of Obama’s awful presidency, yet we see a small number going berserk over President Trump. They even have a name for it, the Trump Derangement Syndrome, TDS, for short.

If only those upset folks would use the Ben Franklin method of analysis, maybe they would

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