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Oct 4, 2018, 12:45am

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Meet the New “Ninja Lanternshark,” a deep sea shark that lives in the central Pacific Ocean.Photo courtesy of Vicky Vásquez

The discovery of a new animal is exciting for all involved. But, discovering a new species isn’t always a tale of adventure and remote travels. In fact, many specimens are from earlier expeditions stored at local museums and waiting to be described. In 2015, the shark world was introduced to its newest member, the ninja lanternshark (Etmopterus benchleyi) which made waves in the media not only for its unique name but for being the only Etmopterus (lanternshark) species presently known to reside in the Pacific coast waters off Central America. And in 2018, it is making headlines again for a different reason: beer.

The Pacific Shark Research Center (PSRC) of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, which is famous for Dr. David Ebert and his “Lost Sharks,” those with little public interest or scientific attention. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week shed light on some of these sharks during the highly popular “Alien Sharks” shows, in which graduate student Victoria Elena Vásquez herself was on one of the episodes before discovering the new lanternshark species. Better known as Vicky, she was particularly interested in the Pacific Ocean region along Central America due to it being one of the most poorly understood locations in the world for sharks and their relatives, collectively known as Chondrichthyans. Scientifically speaking, the importance of deep-sea sharks is not well understood. What we do know points out that

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