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Every year, Rutgers University releases an online gambling report that helps shed some light on player behaviors and responsible gaming policies in New Jersey.

Within the last research report — The Prevalence of Online and Land‐Based Gambling in New Jersey, by Nower, L., Caler, K. & Peters, E. (2017) — there was some interesting data that shed some light on brand loyalty among recreational and high-volume players.

Most players are very loyal

According to the report, in 2014 and 2015, the overwhelming majority of NJ online casino users registered a single account.

Despite having more than a dozen sites to choose from (a number that has since risen),  69 percent of customers were registered at a single online casino in 2014. The percentage increased to 72 percent in 2015.

An additional 14 percent of players were registered at just two sites.

That means 86 percent of online gamblers in New Jersey are registered at two or less online gaming sites, with the vast majority registered at just one site.

There’s also a very fickle customer

Customers with a single account are the norm, but there are exceptions.

There is a group with multiple accounts, and that group is increasing in size. According to the Rutgers’ research, the number of people with four or more accounts rose from six percent in 2014 to eight percent in 2015.

By itself this doesn’t tell us too much. However, the research also notes that those identified as the “Top Ten Percent” of online gamblers (by activity and total amount wagered) average four accounts.

Essentially, most of the players with three or more accounts (13.8 percent of all New Jersey online gamblers) fall into the “Top Ten Percent” category.

As the Rutgers’ researchers note, “This suggests that a majority

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