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E-cigarette devices are promoted as a safer alternative to tobacco but studies into the health impacts of vaping have reached conflicting conclusions. 

New US research suggests that vaping is “far from harmless” and could pose a serious health risk. However, a Public Health of England evidence review published last week says swapping combustible tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes – which turn liquid nicotine into vapour – brings substantial health benefits.

Meanwhile, a US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine review concluded that based on the current available evidence, e-cigarettes “are likely to be far less harmful than conventional cigarettes”.

With nearly three million Britons now using e-cigarettes, The Week examines the latest evidence.

What did the new US research find?

The scientists examined the effects of e-cigarette smoke on mice and lab-grown human cells by exposing them to a 10mg/ml e-cigarette solution for three hours a day, five days a week, for four months.

This dose would be equivalent to light vaping for ten years, says the researchers, from the New York University School of Medicine.

The mice exposed to e-cigarette smoke had “higher levels of DNA damage” in the heart, lungs, and bladder, compared with a control group exposed to filtered air, according to the team.

Scientists also recorded damage to the human cells that in turn inhibits the process whereby the body repairs them.

In an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, the authors conclude: “It is therefore possible that e-cigarette smoke may contribute to lung and bladder cancer, as well as heart disease, in humans.”

Based on these results, they continue, “we propose that ECS (e-cigarette smoke) is carcinogenic and that smokers have a higher risk than non-smokers to develop lung and bladder cancer and heart diseases”.

What was the reaction?

This is the “first evidence we

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