Vaping 'common' at RHS; ERMS reports use – The Ridgefield Press

A picture of a Juul vaporizer and ‘pod’ — the container of flavored nicotine liquid, which clips on to the device.

For Ridgefield teens, smoking is nothing new.

While cigarettes were once widely accepted, a concerted effort in recent decades to stub out smoking among middle and high school students led to a drop in overall tobacco use.

But now, electronic cigarettes — commonly known as Juuls, or “vapes” and “vape pens” — are quickly filling the void left by traditional cigarettes, alarming both student peers and educators.

“I don’t condone it at all, but kids vape all the time at school, and it’s something the parents should be informed about,” said Maia Clarkin, president of the Ridgefield High School Class of 2018.

“The drug use at school is a lot more common than the parents would think.”

Even middle school students are vaping.

“We have recently become aware of some East Ridge Middle School students who are using e-cigarettes, otherwise known as ‘vaping,’” said East Ridge Principal Patricia Raneri in an email sent to eighth grade parents on Nov. 17.

Raneri said the school’s eighth grade counselor would be speaking with the entire grade about the dangers associated with vaping. (To date, there have been no reports of vaping among middle school students at Scotts Ridge.)

At RHS, students have been caught using the devices in the classroom, according to Principal  Dr.Stacey Gross, since the vapor does not leave the tell-tale heavy odor of a burning cigarette.

Tizzie Mantione, a parent of a high school sophomore, said that she made a round of phone calls to five different high school parents after she heard rumors of rampant vaping inside the building.

“They are seeing it happen in the bathrooms, in the hallways, and in the classrooms,” Mantione

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