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Vox journalist Dylan Scott, you will get no argument here: that chart, showing the reported opinions of Trump voters on the NFL, is indeed pretty nuts! The data, compiled by an online survey company called Morning Consult and laid out at the New York Times’s Upshot blog, tells the story of how the opinions of Trump voters turned sharply against the NFL after Donald Trump criticized NFL player protests during the national anthem at a late-September rally in support of the Alabama senate candidate who lost to psychotic Charles Portis character Judge Roy Moore. Where Trump voters had once viewed the NFL roughly as Clinton voters did—around 60 percent favorably, and around 20 percent unfavorably—those percentages swiftly flipped almost upside down.

All this merely because the President, in addressing the protests, famously said:

“The man, and you know this, everyone, they see it, and you see them go [in an effete voice] ‘oh no no’ at the games while the stadiums play our beautiful anthem. And it’s so beautiful, it’s true. Right before the game. And say hello, Mike. That’s… isn’t he great? Congratulations Mike, you just got famous. He’s famous now, folks. Not like so many. Unbelievable, it’s really unbelievable. But you see these, I don’t want to say it. Should I say it? They don’t want me to say it. [Elaborate three-part open-mouthed shrug] You see this son-of-a-bitch do it and it’s during the song. Beautiful song. And so many people say to me, very successful and so nice, they say ‘time for that to go bye-bye.’ And it will be true. It’s so true. The people say ‘bye bye!’ And there’s so many, and we’re going to look at it, and we’re going to look into it, very quickly.”

The statement led to a weekend

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