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Given their record and outlook for this season, the Orioles should listen early for offers for Manny Machado. 

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When does reality become reality?

No, I’m not trying to pose a “Matrix”-style riddle here. That was the question that popped into my mind when Orioles general manager Dan Duquette told the Baltimore Sun, “I think it’s important to find out where our ballclub is going this year. I think the benchmark is Memorial Day. I think that’s the first benchmark, about 60 days, to see how your ballclub is doing and see where you might want to go.”

After five weeks, we’re starting to get a read on how this season is going to play out. Some teams have been as advertised (Astros, Red Sox, Yankees), others have fallen short (Dodgers, and even the Indians if you look close enough) and others have arrived sooner than most thought (Braves, Phillies). Much is yet to be determined, but the broad outlines of a season are starting to take shape.

What does a month with more K’s than hits mean? Who is this kid throwing gas for the Cards? And what’s special about Albert Pujols’ pursuit of 3,000 hits?

Gerrit Cole? Aces. Giancarlo Stanton? Hit or miss. Here’s how the top names who changed teams are faring in their new surroundings.

From an A in Boston to an F in L.A., we break down the good and the bad for every club.

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For other teams, the nature of their reality is not so clear. Are they what they had hoped to be — a playoff contender? Or are they what forecasts, current standings or both thought they would be — also-rans? Three teams in particular seem to have fallen into

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