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Finding a place to play live poker can be quite challenging, depending on where you live. Many people are restricted to playing online, simply because there isn’t a land-based poker room anywhere near them. Some are luckier than others in that regard and have a poker room or two within a reasonable distance.

But the mere existence of a poker room isn’t always enough to provide players with what they really want and expect. Often, these venues lack some of the most important aspects of a truly great poker room.

Here are 10 attributes every great land-based poker room.

10. Friendly staff that understand the game
First and foremost, a quality land-based room needs to have a staff that is friendly and knowledgeable about the game. If the people running the operation don’t know how to implement the rules (or aren’t even sure about what the rules are), it leads to conflicts and tense situations that are hard to resolve because there is no one to really take charge.

So, a great poker room needs experienced floors and dealers willing to learn and take charge when necessary, instead of letting players come up with their own decisions and conclusions, which can lead to real chaos.

9. Isolated from the casino floor
Ideally, a poker room should be as far away from the casino floor as possible. The temptation of slots and table games has been the downfall of many otherwise great poker players, and while it is fully their responsibility, it could have been avoided by keeping the poker room separate. Of course, this isn’t always a realistic requirement, as a poker room and casino often supplement each other, but it is definitely nice when you find a setup like that. With online gambling being so omnipresent these days, we don’t really need it in or around

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