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Today is Pi Day — 3.14, aka the first three digits of pi — and retailers are celebrating this fake holiday with themed sales on electronics (and pizza). For the fourth year in a row, Microsoft is discounting several PCs by 31.4 percent and selling some laptops and Windows Mixed Reality headsets for $314. Newegg is discounting Raspberry Pi kits and other maker boards. Those are selling out fast, so the selection is limited.

This is your last call to pick up Surviving Mars, the new game from Tropico developer Haemimont, at a pre-order discount before its launch on Thursday. Pre-orders at Fanatical are already 15 percent off, and Fanatical is offering Polygon readers an additional 6 percent off Surviving Mars pre-orders. The standard edition is discounted down to $31.95 from $39.99. You can also get the First Colony edition with additional customization options for $59.92 (usually $74.99).

Hardware and Accessories Games Miscellaneous Commerce Team Picks ThinkGeek just added some adorable faux-leather Baby Groot high tops to its collection of licensed footwear. I’ve been playing L.A. Noire on my Twitch channel and it’s super fun to talk out the cases in a group. You wouldn’t think of L.A. Noire as a party game, but it kinda works. It’s available on Switch at Walmart and Amazon for just $36.63 (usually $49.99). On The History of Fun podcast this week, Clayton Ashley gave an incredibly thorough overview of the history of Legos. Go listen to it and then, once you’re good and nostalgic, check out the Lego Store, which has some pretty cool new sets. Clayton called out the Lego Ideas line, which features sets suggested by fans. The newest is a Ship in a Bottle model.

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