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Thirsty software developers at Oracle’s Code One conference in San Francisco this month will be busy networking, attending keynotes — and kicking back local, Bay Area beer from Alpha Acid Brewing Co. But a brewing festival this is not, and Alpha Acid’s booth at the conference’s developer exchange (October 22nd through 25th) isn’t just a showcase for beer made with fresh local ingredients. At its core, it’s a demonstration of how Oracle’s blockchain applications, which Alpha Acid is essentially beta testing, can track, and maybe improve, the brewing process supply chain.

Inside Alpha Acid’s microbrewery and taproom in an industrial park in Belmont — not far from Oracle’s massive headquarters in Redwood City — small, internet-enabled sensors take the temperature of fermentation tanks filled with brewer Kyle Bozicevic’s beer. Those temperature readings are logged and stored in the Oracle cloud, along with data from the farm in Gilroy at New World Ales where Bozicevic gets his hops, the yeast lab, Gigayeast, where he gets his yeast, and the malthouse, Admiral Maltings, where he gets his malt.

Inside Alpha Acid’s microbrewery Caleb Pershan

Transactions between the players in this supply chain, from the ingredients producers to the point of sale — in this case the drinkers at Oracle Code One, who will scan a QR code on their beer — are tracked on a blockchain ledger. Blockchain, prized for its decentralized nature and security, is best known as the basis for exchanges of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But Oracle and others are betting on blockchain’s more practical applications, which include supply chain tracking and sourcing verification.

So why use blockchain for the brewing process at all? “There’s the cool factor — I want to see how my beer was produced,” says Prasen Palvankar, a senior director of product management at

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