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Ordering a beer at the bar should be a simple, straightforward task. But that’s not always true. On crowded nights, you may have to fight your way through three rows of people just to get a glimpse of the wooden bar and a shot at ordering. Or maybe you were intrigued by an unusual draft item (“Hmm, a blueberry shandy, how delightful”) but after ordering a pint, discovered it tasted like cough syrup. Or perhaps your bartender does one of those “set the pint glass under the tap and let it fill/overflow before handing it to you with beer and foam dripping down the side without wiping it off” maneuvers. (We hate those maneuvers.)

With so many potential hurdles to such a seemingly simple task, it begs the question: why can’t someone come up with a better system?  

Enter stage left: the Beer ATM

Food & Wine reports that Randolph Beer, a Williamsburg-based bar, has developed what it’s calling a “beer ATM,” a new setup that allows patrons to “withdraw” beer from a wide range of drafts by placing a card to the screen above their selection. The beer wall at Randolph Beer features 24 different taps with a wide selection of NYC-based brews to choose from, according to Insider. Patrons hand over their credit card in exchange for a beer card, which can then be used to activate any of the tap handles, allowing you to pour yourself a cold one. Customers can pour anywhere from 1 ounce to 12 ounces, which means you can try as many beers as you want before committing to a full glass.

The one immediate concern is that it sounds like a really easy way to spend a lot of money in a hurry without realizing it, though

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