These lawyers want your cash to buy back and destroy guns –

If you would like to see less violence and fewer guns on the streets, the Essex County Bar Association wants you to put your money where your mouth is.

The group is working with the Essex County prosecutor to launch an unusual kind of gun buyback event that needs community members — from residents to businesses and corporations — to provide the money that will buy the weapons.

Attorney Matthew Adams, who is spearheading the association’s efforts, is hoping donors will raise the $100,000 they expect officials to dole out to everyone who turns in weapons at the no-questions-asked event.

Essentially, your money is melting down firearms.

“It helps everyone,” Acting Essex County Prosecutor Robert D. Laurino said Wednesday. “It makes the community safer and our job easier. There’s one less gun out there that could wreak havoc.”

Laurino and Adams said the publicly-funded event may be the first of its kind in New Jersey. Private groups and residents do sometimes make donations to support county- or police-run buyback events, but it’s very rare in New Jersey to have a public fundraising campaign to finance the whole buyback pot.

“I thought it was a great idea. I think it’s one of the rare public-private partnerships,” Laurino said of the bar association’s efforts. “Funding is always a problem when we do these kind of events and having the public step up, to be able to participate through the funding aspect, it shows their concern about the community.”

Typically in New Jersey, gun buyback events are supported with grants or drug forfeiture money, either from county or local authorities, the Attorney General’s Office, or both.

And not just a little forfeiture money. A year ago, the Attorney General’s Office worked with local authorities on three buyback events and handed out $481,620 in exchange

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