The Year Ahead In Gaming – Twice

1 Xbox One X: Microsoft’s Project Scorpio was the only brand-new video game system from the three major console makers to be shown for the first time at E3 this year. Couple that with new details including its price ($499) and ship date (Nov. 7), and it wasn’t too difficult for the Xbox One X to stand out from the crowd. The system’s powerful feature set certainly helped as well, including high dynamic range HDR10 support for games and movies, native 4K gaming capability and Ultra HD Blu-ray support, as well as DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1/TrueHD with Atmos audio support.

PREDICTION: The console stands to help Microsoft narrow the sales lead that Sony’s PlayStation 4 currently has … at least to some degree.

2 Virtual Reality (VR): All the main VR gaming headset players — Sony’s PlayStation VR, the HTC Vive, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Google — had a presence at the show, and the number of new titles for those platforms keeps growing. But newcomers to the VR gaming market were out in force also. Clay VR created a software development kit that makes mobile VR creation easier, integrating real-time display of hand and gesture recognition into Android and iOS apps. And CaptoGlove has developed a glove that can be used as a controller for VR games, allowing gamers to just use their hands and fingers to move around and shoot. Then there was also DisplayLink, a Taiwan-based company that developed a wireless solution for VR headsets so that gamers using those devices don’t have to worry about tripping over those pesky cables while wearing a headset.

PREDICTION: Like it or not, VR isn’t going away anytime soon.

3 Nintendo bringing more of its top franchises/characters to the Nintendo Switch: Just how well any game console performs

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