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If it bleeds, we can kill it. And there’s plenty of bleeding and killing in The Predator, the fourth movie in the alien-hunters franchise.

The series has always struggled to surpass 1987’s glorious original Predator, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger at the height of his career as an action star. 

This latest movie doesn’t quite reach those dizzying heights, but it comes surprisingly close, standing out as the second best in the series. It’s better than Predator 2 and the slightly dull Predators, and infinitely better than the two lame Alien vs. Predator spinoffs.  If you’re a fan of ’80s action movies and fast-talking macho silliness and don’t want to think too hard about the plot, you’ll want to see this reimagining.

Director Shane Black — of Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fame — has plastered his style all over the film, making a movie of his own instead of trying to stick too closely to the intense tone of the original (in which he played Hawkins, the ill-fated radio operator).

That means plenty of dark humor, mostly in the form of quippy dialogue and stylized violence.

A brief opening CGI space chase sets up the movie’s relentless pace nicely, ending with a crash to Earth and introducing our slightly forgettable hero, mercenary sniper Quinn McKenna (played by Boyd Holbrook, of Logan) as he encounters the titular hunter for the first time.

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Don’t think too hard about this poster before you see the movie.

20th Century Fox

This battle sees the Predator captured and falling into the hands of a stereotypically clandestine government research organization. From here, we

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