The Perfect Poker Tournament Part 2: Freeze-Out, Single Reentry, or Unlimited Reentry? –

December 06, 2018


Top poker professionals discuss the merits of freezeouts, single reentries, and unlimited reentries.

In our first article about the perfect poker tournament, we asked five of the world’s most respected poker players what their thoughts were on how many players should sit at a standard, full-ring poker table. This time, we’re asking them what they think makes for the perfect tournament format.

We sat down with Unibet Poker Ambassador Dara O’Kearney, PokerStars Team Pro Igor Kurganov, 888Poker’s Dominik Nitsche, Scottish poker legend Niall Farrell, and Spanish powerhouse Winamax sponsored Adrian Mateos to set the poker world to rights. What is better; freezeouts, single reentry tournaments, or unlimited reentry? And, maybe more importantly, why?

What’s the Best Poker Tournament Format?

Kurganov: I think this depends on the customers. If it’s a Main Event structure, then making it an unlimited reentry is just wrong as that doesn’t cater to the type of people you have playing the tournament. They have to be single reentry or freezeout.

O’Kearney: “Freezeout is the best format. They’re by far the most popular with recreational players.”

O’Kearney: I personally think Freezeout is the best format. They’re by far the most popular with recreational players. If they’ve satellited in, they just have one bullet. If they are buying in, they only want to do one bullet. It plays really, really badly for a recreational player to knock out a big-name pro, then see the cash desk and they’re buying back in.

Nitsche: I prefer freezeouts if I had to choose. Thankfully, these days there are all kinds of tournaments. Variety is nice.

Farrell: I’m a big fan of the standard freezeout. It’s the format that gives the recreational players the most chance to win. It makes

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