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Cannabis as a whole has managed to become wildly successful over the course of the past several years. With new updates to legislation and the changing public perception of the substance, it seems that the industry has more potential than ever. The two main markets that many have been watching for investment purposes have been Canada and the U.S. due to the changing legislation in both areas. The North American cannabis market has presented a large amount of opportunity for those looking to get into such a new and potentially lucrative industry, and it only looks to continue doing so into the near future.

The cannabis market as a whole is comprised of three main parts of the industry. Those three parts include extraction and cultivation, the market on dispensaries and the biotech industry that is associated with utilizing cannabis for new ways to make medicines.

The cultivation and extraction market has been at the primary source of investing due to how prevalent it is in the world view. Many companies have come to the forefront of the market with new ways to cultivate cannabis in higher yields. This has become ever more important as markets begin to develop in new places around the world. One of the most important factors that many investors are beginning to consider is the fact that Canada could potentially begin exporting cannabis to various places around the world with legal markets. This could ensure that even if there is a slight overproduction, all of that product will, in turn, be sold. The company Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC) has been one of the companies that have been leading the fight for some time. Hailing from Canada, Canopy has been working to increase its production of the cannabis plant so that they can

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