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Blockchain this and that. You hear it all the time now. I get pitched a few times per week, or sometimes per day, on new game startups that are using the security and transparency of the decentralized ledger technology. None of them realize that they’ve already become a cliché or that someone else pitched me with the same idea a week or a few months ago.

Blockchain is software that gives companies a ledger where they can record and verify transactions among multiple parties without using intermediaries like brokers or exchanges or app stores.

The hype train for blockchain

Above: Cocos-BCX team

Image Credit: Cocos-BCX

At companies such as IBM and Disney, it’s being used by big companies and small startups alike to fashion disruptive ways to do commerce. IBM has 1,500 blockchain experts working to make a type of open source blockchain called Hyperledger into the foundation for commerce.

In gaming, the French video game giant Ubisoft is working on blockchain technologies with startups in France, and it is sponsoring an upcoming Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon. Ubisoft takes pride in taking more risks than a lot of its rivals, and now it wants to lead in blockchain innovation.

“Obviously we’re very interested in blockchain. We’re exploring that here with various products,” said Catherine Seys, startup program director at Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, in an interview with GamesBeat. “What that helps us embrace is how to go one step further beyond rewards and incentives. We’re not really talking about cryptocurrency. That’s not what we’re working on currently. Rather, we’re looking at the value of digital assets and how they can be used in the environments we create.”

Above: Ubisoft’s Catherine Seys is startup program director of the Strategic Innovation Lab at Ubisoft.

Image Credit: Ubisoft

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