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Every year, there are first-time NBA All-Stars. Some of these players, like the Anthony Davises and Karl-Anthony Townses of the past, are those destined for greatness that just require a little seasoning and growth before reaching that level. Some, like Victor Oladipo and Kemba Walker, grind for years until the stars align. Some (who will go unnamed) find themselves the beneficiaries of good timing and other players’ unavailability.

So who are the candidates to be first-time All-Stars this season? We looked at the Eastern and Western talent shifts, the close calls from recent years, the trajectories of the league’s young stars, and the teams most likely to rise (or at least to provide a platform for attention-grabbing talent and production). We came up with five potential first-time All-Stars and about 10 serious honorable mentions.

There’s a strong probability that only a couple of the new-blood All-Stars will get the nod. If the NBA keeps its segregated conference voting static, those new All-Stars will likely come out of the East.

But you never know. Sometimes, young talent is just undeniable.

Good Morning It’s Basketball

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Booker’s season might begin late due to surgery on the pinky of his shooting hand, and the Suns will likely be awful again.

But Booker’s talent and production is undeniable. He was a dark-horse injury replacement All-Star (even in the West) last season. If the Suns are less embarrassing and Booker’s numbers continue to improve, he will deserve serious consideration from coaches to make the reserve squad.

What’s he up against? A West backcourt field that includes Stephen

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