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“IPAs are so hot right now!” That sentence is so 1996. And 2018. And probably 2030, if we make it that far. As long as craft beer has been a thing, IPAs have dominated, bringing drinkers in flocks to their favorite beer bars, turning naysayers into beer snobs, and sending rabid collectors across state lines. Which makes picking the best IPAs quite a task, especially in the summer: The best at any given time can be mainstays, one-offs, and everything in between. To keep our bead on this ever-moving target, we’ve assembled a crack team of beer experts from throughout the country to name what they deem to be the most attention-worthy IPAs at this very moment. We will revisit the list in the months to come to add new beers and subtract the ones lost to time, so that you always have your finger on the proverbial IPA pulse. Raise a glass. It’s a good time to be an IPA lover. It always is.

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About that panel: We’ve divided the country into four sections and selected our favorite experts for each. In the Northeast, we have longtime Thrillist writer and owner of Alphabet City Beer Co. Zach Mack. Taking reins in the South is legendary beer scribe and journalist Ale Sharpton. The Midwest is in the able hands of former editor at DRAFT Magazine and current staff writer for The Takeout, Kate Bernot. And bringing up the west is Ezra Johnson-Greenough, founder of Portland Beer Week and The New School beer blog.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Distribution: Most western states — use their beer locator tool here
The highest-rated IPA coming out of New Mexico according to Beer

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