The 1% Club: Poker Staking Group Could Pay Big Dividends at Main Event –

As ESPN2 and PokerGO air the Day 6 Main Event coverage, it is a long-distance sweat for 45 poker enthusiasts in Ohio. All are members of the Ruggles Poker Club in Dayton, and through a unique tournament, all had 1 percent of the action of two players still alive in the field when the day kicked off.

Ruggles owner Torrey Korsog was the brains behind the unique staking opportunity. Players pre-registered for a $100 tournament. All those who bought in were known as “The Corporation,” and $60 from each buy-in was used to buy 1 percent of players in the Main Event.

That $2,700 was used to back 21 players, and amazingly nine of those players cashed, with three still alive on Day 6. Any winnings will be used as the prize pool in another tournament for those 45 players. If enough is won, that could offer a payout for all Corporation members in the tournament.

The club functions like a social club with no rake on cash games and simply a fee to play each day. Similar clubs have grown popular in other states. Korsog chose some players he knew, as well as a few who actually registered in the Corporation tournament and decided to play in the Main Event also.

Here is a look at the Corporation’s players who cashed, their results, and the members’ take from that finish:

Shawn Daniels – Began Day 6 with 4.325 million chips. Scott Stewart – Began Day 6 with 7.27 million chips Iverson “Cotton” Snuffer – 96th, $61,929 ($619.29) John Allan Hinds – 255th, $41,181 ($411.81) Danielle Anderson – 402nd, $31,170 ($311.70) Vinny Moscati – 354th, $31,170 ($311.70) Adam “Roothlus” Levy – 606th, $20,411 ($204.11) Ronald Sullivan – 1,078th, $15,000 ($150) Krzysztof Stybaniewicz – 667th, $18,693 ($186.93) Shawn Daniels

By 1 p.m.,

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