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by B. Gil Horman – Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Each generation of concealed-carry practitioner has sought out handguns that provided the best balance of concealability and performance available at the time. Early pocketable semi-automatics were chambered for small-caliber cartridges including .22 LR, .25 ACP and .32 ACP. In the late 2000s, the marketplace enjoyed a surge in single-stack pocket .380 ACP pistols with lightweight polymer and aluminum frames. Most recently, pistol makers have been striving to meet the latest standard for concealed-carry equilibrium by offering their own versions of the “micro 9”-pocket-sized pistols chambered for the more potent 9 mm Luger pistol cartridge.

As these pistols have been busily shrinking in size, the ammunition has been steadily improving. Due to its popularity for military, law enforcement and civilian applications, the 9 mm is among the most heavily researched and developed cartridges on the market. However, these refinements have, for the most part, been focused on improving the performance of duty-size pistols sporting barrels that are 4″ or longer. Duty-tuned loads have some noteworthy drawbacks when loaded into micro 9 pistols.

Micro 9s have less mass than their duty-size compatriots resulting in more felt recoil when loaded with the same cartridges. Increased recoil is not just a matter of personal comfort. It also leads to increased muzzle rise which, in turn, forces the pistol’s operator to work harder to get back on target for crucial follow-up shots. It’s common for powder loads blended for 4″ or longer barrels to not burn completely when fired from shorter barrels. This can result in excessive muzzle flash and a reduction in performance. Unburned powder also acts as additional mass that must be pushed out of the barrel along with the bullet. It may not be a tremendous amount of mass, but it still takes

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