State legislature bill would ban flavored e-cigarettes – Press of Atlantic City

South Jersey stores involved in the vaping business have concerns about a bill, which prohibits the sale or distribution of flavored electronic smoking devices.

The bill is before committees in state Assembly and Senate.

When the bill was introduced, proponents said the existence of these products increases the incidence of tobacco use among children, according to public health experts.

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If the bill passes both chambers of the Legislature and is signed into law by Gov. Chris Christie, the bill’s opponents said it will put vape stores out of business.

E-cigarettes heat liquid and turn it into vapor, which a user inhales, and then exhales in a large, puffy cloud, which led to the term vaping.

Vape stores sell the different flavored liquids to be heated.

Kim Betesh, the manager of Hollywood Smokin’ in Northfield, said that from the anecdotal experience that she has had with her customers it is quicker and easier to give up smoking cigarettes by vaping instead.

Seventy percent of the people who use electronic or e-cigarettes do not want tobacco, menthol or clove to be the only flavor of their e-cigarettes.

The legislation calls for e-cigarettes to be sold in only those three flavors.

If that is the case, Betesh believes people will either switch from vaping back to cigarettes or never give up cigarettes in the first place.

“Nobody wants something in the hands of children,” Betesh said. “We shouldn’t market anything for a child. Parents shouldn’t be able to buy it (e-cigarettes) for children. I’m a mom first before I’m a businessperson.”

Current law is the sale

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