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Juuls, vaping and e-cigarettes are fast becoming popular among young adults and teens as a means of taking in nicotine with different flavors, from bubble gum to fruit cereal. While many teens don’t see the devices as dangerous, the health hazards they bring certainly are.

Dr. Patrick Withrow, a physician adviser at Baptist Health Paducah, came to St. Mary High School on Friday to talk with middle school and high school students about that danger. He said that 75 percent of high school students and 50 percent of middle school students nationwide admitted to using the new smoking tools.

“Currently, e-cigarettes – specifically, the product called Juul – is becoming an epidemic among middle-schoolers and high-schoolers,” he said. “It’s all over the United States, and unfortunately, many teachers and many more parents have no idea what this is.

“It’s an electronic nicotine delivery device that looks like a thumb drive for a computer. It’s called a mod pod type of device; it’s like the third or fourth generation of e-cigarettes. Really, it’s an aerosol that contains flavorings, heavy metals and, mostly, nicotine.”

Withrow said a Juul pod holds the equivalent of a pack of traditional cigarettes.

Doug Shelton, the principal of St. Mary middle and high schools, said that e-cigarettes present a problem in schools.

“Vaping is a new little trick, and it’s one that all schools are going to have difficulty fighting,” he said. “It’s odorless, it’s easy to conceal.”

Withrow said that students will go into a bathroom, use an e-cigarette and, to hide the smoke, breathe it into their sleeve.

“What’s going on now is kids are becoming addicted to

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