Rumors of arrests and guns at GFHS unconfirmed at this point – KRTV Great Falls News

Great Falls High School (MTN News photo)

Late Friday, KRTV began receiving messages about rumors of an incident at or near Great Falls High School 

The incident reportedly happened during or shortly after the high school football game.

Among the rumors: there had been a lockdown or shelter-in-place, several students had been arrested, someone had a gun.

The Great Falls Police Department only confirmed that officers were investigating a “disturbance” in the area.

There has been no confirmation of any arrests, or anyone with a gun, as of Saturday morning.

There has been heightened anxiety over the past couple of days due to “electronic threats” made against schools in the Flathead Valley, which caused many schools in Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls to cancel all classes, athletic events, and extracurricular activities on Thursday, Friday, and into the weekend, but none of those threats were directed at any schools in Great Falls.

We are continuing to investigate and will post an update when we get more information.

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