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Hornady, long famous for its line of excellent component bullets, has garnered an equally strong reputation for its line of loaded ammunition, which expanded with the relaunch of the Hornady Frontier Ammunition brand. I say relaunch, because I remember my first experience with Hornady ammunition: it was a couple decades ago, I had just bought my first .300 Win. Mag., and I grabbed a couple boxes of Frontier ammunition, loaded with 180-grain Hornady Interlock bullets. The name on the box was not Hornady; it was Frontier. This was the beginning of Hornady’s loaded ammunition endeavor, and I remember it being quite a while before I could get a handload to beat the accuracy of that factory load.

Hornady put its name on the box shortly thereafter, and has since produced some excellent ammunition. Many precision shooters have come to rely on it, printing groups to rival the best handloads. However, the Frontier brand name was not entirely done; Hornady would bring it back to life in 2018. The revised Hornady Frontier line is an affordable, effective, and potent series of cartridges for the .223 Rem. and 5.56 NATO, with a wide selection of projectiles that will serve for target work, plinking, hunting and self-defense.

I said affordable, but by that I in no way meant that this is second-rate ammunition. It comes in fully-reloadable brass cases; the case neck and shoulder is annealed – to keep the brass soft for long life – just like the standard Hornady ammunition. Just a quick note for the reloaders: the Frontier cases have the military primer crimp, so you’ll have to remove that before reloading. It’s an easy process, but if you’re unaware of it, you may end up scratching your head wondering why they aren’t taking a new primer.

For production, Hornady has

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