Republicans are running short on ammunition –

Jerry Kremer

Wars and political campaigns have a lot in common. You can’t win a war without ammunition and a strategy, and you can’t win an election without issues and a game plan. The upcoming midterm election will be a test of which political party has the best ammunition and knows how to use it in the most effective way.

In the middle of the Obama years, the Republican Party went into the midterm battle with the issues that resonated the most with the public. The voters knew little about the Affordable Care Act, which came to be known as Obamacare, and the Republicans used it to bludgeon dozens of Democratic incumbents. Day after day, the GOP attacked the incumbents for voting for a costly program, which at that point had failed to build up a base of supporters.

On top of the Obamacare issue, the Republicans took advantage of the fact that the Democrats had accomplished very little in Washington in the short time they had been in control. President Obama’s promise of change didn’t materialize, even though the Republicans had been the architects of many of his failures.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the shoe is on the other foot. Even as a slightly disorganized party, the Democrats have the stronger issues in their arsenal, and they are using them just as effectively as the Republicans used their ammunition. Oddly enough, once again, health care is one of the top issues, and it favors the Democrats with almost any voting bloc you can think of. As of the beginning of this year, over 20 million people had signed up for Obamacare.

Republican governors in 12 states have done everything possible to undermine the program, and the

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