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Winter is here: Game of Thrones is set to air its seventh season on HBO starting July 16th. There’s been incredible anticipation for the shortened season, including guerrilla marketing campaigns, themed pop-up bars, and, of course, plenty of tweets from hockey writer and GoT enthusiast Adam Proteau.

Though existing in completely separate universes, Game of Thrones and the NHL do have a few similarities. The blood and violence are comparable, minus a handful of cases. Organizations/Houses experience entertaining rises and falls. And throughout the seasons, colorful characters and players capture our attention.

The NHL surely has marketable players with diverse backgrounds. But how would they fit in the Game of Thrones realm? Let’s take a look.

Male Characters

If Game of Thrones was recast with NHL players, you could expect the following roles based on character/player personality, history, and general appearance. Note: only living (for now) characters set to appear in Season 7 were chosen.

Jon Snow: Claude Giroux

Talk about no respect across the hockey world. Outside of Philadelphia, Claude Giroux is an above-average hockey player at best. But he’s a fan-favorite in the City of Brotherly—brotherly like the Brothers of the Night’s Watch—Love. Apart from not being taken seriously for most of their careers, Giroux and Jon Snow are both warriors and fierce leaders. If there’s a battle to fight, they are the first ones to draw their swords.

Tyrion Lannister: Martin St. Louis

Having a small stature is crucial for this role and St. Louis fits the build. He also followed a similar arc as Peter Dinklage’s character: both were unwanted – cast out from their original home and thrived after leaving. Tyrion escaped a death sentence handed down by his own family and St. Louis was let go by the Calgary Flames before hitting his

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