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Another NFL season is upon us and that’ll mean months of some of the best athletes in the world providing incredible highlights. But it’s never quite as fun as a lowlight. Especially when it’s a case of the best football players in the world forgetting how to play football.

Any list of the worst plays in NFL history will have Mark Sanchez’s Butt Fumble, but that was just a case of hilariously bad timing and ball control. Here we’re going to focus on the plays that made you ask “What in the world were they thinking?”

We asked Twitter to chime in with their favorite brain farts, but first here’s mine:

5. Dan Orlovsky forgot there’s a back of the end zone

It’s not really a question of what the Detroit Lions quarterback was thinking. It’s more what he wasn’t thinking, which should’ve been something like “I better not go too far back or I’ll step out of the back of end zone.”

But nope, he just kept on wandering until he was a full yard out of bounds and still completely oblivious.

The safety was part of loss No. 5 during a winless season for the Lions in 2008. It was the closest game of the year for Detroit, who lost to the Vikings, 12-10. Yeah, that’s right, by two points.

It was a really rough year for the Lions, and Orlovsky summed the whole thing up with his one extraordinarily bad play. A decade later, he has a good sense of humor about the play from his career that people remember most.

Today makes me think 3 things 1) I shoulda never purposely ran out of the end zone back in ‘08 2) I wish I was better at playing QB because and 3) Bradford has

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