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The cannabis sector was mostly dominated by non-financial events this week — namely, an ongoing freak out over Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA)’s Elon Musk taking one puff of a blunt during his appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Another big news item: a report released by the Brightfield Group. According to analysts at the firm, sales in the hemp-derived CBD market will hit $22 billion by 2022 in the U.S. alone. This means that, as Benzinga argued in an article more than a year ago, hemp could prove a larger economic driver than marijuana; estimates out of MJBizDaily establish $22 billion as the higher end of the spectrum for cannabis sales in 2022.

Also quite notable was an article posted Thursday on Politico, quoting “a senior official overseeing U.S border operations,” Todd Owen, who explained how and why Canadians who use marijuana, work in the industry or even invest in it, face a potential lifetime ban by the U.S. when trying to cross the border.

“Technically speaking, this has always been an issue, yet was rarely enforced,” said Jeff Siegel, managing editor of Green Chip Stocks and a Benzinga cannabis writer. “Some have suggested that because Canada is about to legalize, someone at U.S. Customs and Border Protection decided to chest-pound this in the form of a veiled threat, which of course begs the question: who initiated it?”

Siegel speculated that the statement was instigated by Department of Justice or White House Officials and could have been used as leverage in trade talks. 

“I don’t actually expect most agents to go out of their way to enforce this though, as such a thing is quite trivial and not worth their time. Catching terrorists is further up on the ‘to-do’ list compared to busting bean counters and CFOs of cannabis companies entering the U.S. to

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