Poker Run is set for September 8 – Wayne County Outlook

    Hopefully, dry weather will accompany the hand that’s dealt to Fish  and Wildlife Officers this weekend, because it may be their busiest  ever on Lake Cumberland.     Poker Run 2018 is Saturday, September 8 and Conservation Officer  Wayne Wilson says the Harmon Creek area will “no doubt” be a sight to      In 2017, the aerial view was astounding. Officer Wilson further  stated if Raft Up in early August was any indicator, this years Poker  Run will definitely be one to be reckoned with. Wilson says to expect  a huge presence and officers from other districts will be here  assisting with law enforcement efforts.     The Lake Cumberland Poker Run is ranked in the top ten by Extreme  Boats Magazine as one of the best Poker Runs in the country. This  year’s event features over 150 powerboats and the itinerary calls for  a mandatory drivers meeting at 9 a.m. central time Saturday,  September 8.     A first card will be given to participants at the drivers meeting  and the Poker Run begins at 10 a.m. central time.     The course is from State Dock to Conley Bottom for the second card,  then from Conley to Burnside for the third card and back to State  Dock for lunch. After lunch, boats will leave at their leisure with  the course continuing from State Dock to Wolf Creek for the fourth card.     A 60 mph limit is in force at Wolf Creek, then it’s on to Grider  Hill for the fifth card. Poker Run is officially over after the  Grider Hill Stop, but cards must be turned back in at State Dock.     Officer Wilson and many other Kentucky Department of Fish and  Wildlife Officers will be patrolling Lake Cumberland and the harbor  at State Dock next Friday and Saturday. Wayne

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