Poker Pro Unsure If Epic Fold Was A Smart Play –

Everyone loves an epic hero fold, and that’s exactly what California-based poker pro Ian Steinman gave the poker community at a World Poker Tour final table last week.

Steinman had the largest stack at the table with five left out of a starting field of 440 when a huge hand developed between him and fellow poker pro Joe McKeehen, a former World Series of Poker main event champion. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were on the line when Steinman tangled with McKeehen, the second-largest chip stack remaining.

Steinman held K K, while McKeehen was in there with the Q 10. The flop fell A 7 5, which would typically kill the action for both players. However, by the river the final board read A 7 5 J K. Steinman had rivered a powerful set of kings while McKeehen had went runner, runner for a superior, and disguised, straight. Remarkably, Steinman was able to avoid doubling up McKeehen thanks to an incredible decision to muck his cards.

Card Player had the chance to speak to Steinman, who went on to finish second for his largest live score ever, about what was going through his mind when making the decision. McKeehen wound up finishing in third place, while David Larson came back to win the tournament.

Brian Pempus: What was your initial reaction when Joe moved all in?

Ian Steinman: When I bet the river and then he moved all in, my first thought was that Joe is almost never bluffing here. He has too much to consider with pay jumps/ICM and he’s a good enough player that I didn’t think it was a bluff. To a certain extent he is polarized, but he has the nuts a lot more often than he shows up with the rare bluff


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