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Optic Gaming took the top prize in The Call of Duty World League World Championship, the official esports tournament for professional Call of Duty players with a total of $4 million on the line.

Fighting it out in Orlando, Florida, Optic Gaming outplayed Team Envy in two separate final matches on Sunday. Optic Gaming, a five-time finalist, won $600,000, or the biggest single chunk of the $1.5 million prize for a first-place finish.

The esports competition was about settling who is the best at the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Activision’s flagship military shooter. Optic was behind in the brackets, so it actually had to beat Team Envy twice.

First contest

In the first “best of five” battle, Optic showed its dominance.

In the very first match, Optic Gaming beat Team Envy in a Hardpoint battle, where you have to hold a piece of ground. That ground shifts around to different spots on a map on a timer, and the first team to 250 seconds held wins. Optic grabbed the early lead, and it held off Envy as it tried to come from behind. Optic’s players — Scump, FormaL, Karma, and Crimsix — did a better job with aerial kills, where a soldier jumps into the air, hovers, and shoots one or two enemies from above.

It’s really something to watch, if you’re a Call of Duty fan. They were, of course, far quicker than I was at predicting where the enemy would be, getting to the right vantage points, spotting the enemy, and dispatching them with precision. They all seem to have superhuman reaction time.

Above: CWL final Search & Destroy battle on Throwback map.

Image Credit: MLG

The second match was a Search & Destroy battle on a map dubbed Throwback. In it, you have to eliminate the defending team

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