Online Poker Strikes Out Again In New York, And The Blame Continues To Shift –

Online poker has been on New Yorks radar since 2014, but the Empire State has been unable to push a bill across the finish line. This year was no different.

During that time the Senate has passed online poker legislation on two occasions, in 2016 and again in 2017, by votes of 53-5 and 54-8 respectively.

The Senate has also included online poker it in its budget in each of the last three years, only to have it systematically stripped out each time.

Despite the appetite for it in the upper chamber, online poker has been persona non gratis in the Assembly. Not a single online poker bill has been brought up for a vote on the Assembly floor, where the climate for legalizing online poker seems to vary as much as the New England weather.

The Assembly has been all over the place when it comes to online poker. But that’s to be expected when the person shepherding online poker through the Assembly, Assemblymember Gary Pretlow, is bipolar on the issue.

Pretlow has been talking a good game about online poker for several years, but he’s been short on actual results.

One thing Pretlow, the chair of the Assembly Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee, hasn’t been short on is excuses for the Assembly’s inaction.

A carousel of concerns, excuses, and blame

At times it feels like Pretlow fashions his answers ad hoc or even post hoc.

Pretlow’s support has wavered over the efficacy of geolocation technology, cheating and even whether or not online poker is a game of skill or gambling.

He’s cast blame at everyone from female lawmakers, to the governor, to the Speaker of the Assembly, to an absentee senator for online poker’s failure.

And as you’ll see in a moment, his own views

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