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Baker Mayfield answers a question during a Cleveland Browns press conference. (AP Photo)

Baker Mayfield went No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft last week. Quarterbacks who are the first pick in the draft are expected to be franchise QBs – faces of franchises, leading teams to great glory, the whole package.

Overall No. 1 picks have, in theory, immense talent and potential. They also face rugged terrain, in that they almost always are going to franchises that are struggling.

What kind of future does Mayfield have? Well, that’s up to him and the Browns. But let’s look at the history of quarterbacks picked overall No. 1.

2016: Jared Goff, California. Going well with the Rams so far.

2015: Jameis Winston, Florida State. Been a little rocky with the Buccaneers, but overall, Winston has proven he can play to some degree.

2012: Andrew Luck, Stanford. Only injuries have kept Luck from being fantastic for the Colts. You rarely can predict injuries.

2011: Cam Newton, Auburn. Been great for the Panthers.

2010: Sam Bradford, Oklahoma. Injuries have derailed Bradford’s career, which otherwise has gone OK but not spectacular.

2009: Matthew Stafford, Georgia. Been very good, if not great, for the Lions.

2007: JaMarcus Russell, LSU. A total bust for the Raiders. Possibly the worst draft pick in NFL history.

2005: Alex Smith, Utah. Was OK, nothing great, with the 49ers. Was better with Kansas City and now has moved on to Washington.

2004: Eli Manning, Ole Miss. Not too shabby, particularly if you like two Super Bowl victories over New England.

2003: Carson Palmer, Southern Cal. Solid in Cincinnati, solid in Arizona.

2002: David Carr, Fresno State. Didn’t really work out, but the Texans never really protected him.  That is a road to disaster.

2001: Michael Vick, Virginia Tech. All kinds

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