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There are three topics that the press mangles with a regularity that borders on the pathological: Abortion, faith, and firearms. This is a story about the third.

A few newsrooms mistook toy guns for the real thing following a deadly shooting this week at a high school near Spokane, Wash. Three students were injured in the shooting, and one was killed.

The alleged gunman, Caleb Sharpe, 15, was known to his peers as “quiet and sometimes quirky,” according to the Spokesman Review. He was also reportedly known for filming videos of himself and his friends playing with toy guns and then uploading them to YouTube.

Though the Spokesman Review correctly identified some of the airsoft guns featured in one of Sharpe’s since-deleted videos, titled The Second Round, the news group also claimed that “at least one” of the toys “appears to be a real rifle.”

There are only two toys resembling rifles in the video specifically referenced by the Spokesman Review. One is an airsoft gun, and the other is a pellet gun closely resembling the Daisy Red Ryder immortalized in A Christmas Story.

“I’m not a gun-owner myself, so I showed the video to a few colleagues who are, including our online producer, who spent 12 years in the Marine Corps,” the author of the Spokesman Review report told the Washington Examiner.

She added, “His take was that the rifle is a pellet gun, and something realistic-looking enough that it would cause concern if you pulled it out around cops, for instance, as opposed to the cheaper airsofts. We didn’t claim he was playing with an assault rifle, as some outlets did, only something that could appear to be a real rifle, which we stand by.”

Sharpe’s YouTube account has been deleted since the school shooting, and the original

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