Nice job banning e-cigarettes, Carrie. Now for a total ban on all tobacco to show true grit – South China Morning Post

I must say I’m growing exponentially resentful about having to run the gauntlet of smokers and “vapers” congregating around Times Square every time I head towards my office.

They’re a cumulative health hazard and a public nuisance in one of Hong Kong’s showpiece tourist and business centres, discarding cigarette butts everywhere and polluting the air with toxic fumes that the rest of us end up breathing.

With all due respect to their supreme individual right to poison their own lungs and risk cancer or heart disease, I draw the line at having second-hand smoke blown directly into my face in the process. On such occasions I have to resist the urge to yank their electronic or analogue cigarettes out of their faces to demonstrate my displeasure.

So it was a much-needed breath of fresh air to see Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announce in her policy address this week a total ban on e-cigarettes and other newfangled smoking products. It was a bold U-turn that took everyone by surprise because, until now, the government had been willing only to restrict the sale of vape pens, smoking oils, atomisers and what-have-yous to minors – like regular tobacco products.

Hong Kong to impose full ban on e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products

Outlawing the advertisement, manufacture, import, sale and distribution of e-cigarettes and “heat-not-burn” smoking products sends the right message that this city is serious about protecting the health of its citizens.

Some within Lam’s own administration were shocked by her radical decision. The previous health minister, Ko Wing-man, was a gentle soul who would not rock the boat after government studies suggested it would be complicated and technically difficult to impose such a ban. After all, they would be putting a blossoming new smoking industry out of business

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