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Drinking beer from the championship trophy is a long-standing tradition.

The NHL might not be as big as the NFL, MLB, and NBA, but North America’s hockey league does have one huge thing going for it: the Stanley Cup. In the other three leagues, the championship trophy is pretty lame: Win the Super Bowl and you’re awarded a trophy topped with a silver football; win the NBA, and your prize is a trophy topped with a golden basketball. Talk about on the nose! Baseball isn’t much better: It’s just a ring of little flags. But hockey…! The Stanley Cup is a literal cup. And as such, you can literally drink out of it!

Needless to say, the first thing many champions are looking to chug out of any cup is some booze, and drinking everything from beers to champagne out of the Stanley Cup has become common practice. But apparently, the NHL is already looking to put the kibosh on one burgeoning new trend: doing “keg stands” from the bowl of the trophy.

Of course, the Stanley Cup isn’t a keg (though some players would probably be open to that proposal), so we’re not talking about literal “keg” stands. Instead, for a Stanley Cup stand, the cup is placed on the ground and filled with beer, then a player is lifted feet first into the air so they can drink from the cup upside-down. It’s kind of like a keg stand where you lap up the liquid like a dog (in a good way!).

Believe it or not, even though the Stanley Cup has existed since 1893, the first-ever Stanley Cup stand didn’t take place until June 8 of this year when Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin pulled the maneuver off quite successfully with the help of

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