NFL has explanation for controversial replay reversal that went against the Browns –

The NFL doesn’t defend every controversial call that gets made around the league each week, but they did decide to offer an explanation for a key replay reversal that went down during the waning minutes of the Browns-Raiders game on Sunday.

One of the most controversial plays in all of Week 4 happened in Oakland when Carlos Hyde appeared to ice a potential win for the Browns after picking up a key first down with under two minutes remaining. 

As it turns out though, Hyde’s run didn’t do anything except enrage Browns fans, and that’s because the ruling on the field of a first down was overturned after an official review from NFL headquarters in New York. 

Hyde’s run came on a third-and-2 play with just 1:38 left, meaning a first down would have given the Browns a 42-34 win. 

So why did the NFL’s VP of officiating decide to overturn on the field?

The league sent out an explanation for the call this week. 

“From the line feed, you can see the line to gain is just past the 19-yard line,” an NFL spokesman said, via “One replay angle shows [Hyde’s] wrist and the elbow hit the ground simultaneously. Then when you go back to the line feed, you see the wrist hit the ground and you know the elbow is down. At that point, you are able to clearly see that the ball is short of the line to gain.”

The man who made reversed the call, Al Riveron, gave a similar explanation during an interview with NBC’s Peter King. 

“When his wrist goes down, it goes down at the same time as the elbow … everything hits the ground at the same time,” Riveron explained. “The helmet [of Hyde] is barely breaking

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