New York Islanders Three Years From Being NHL Free Agent Destination – Eyes on Isles

New York Islanders: Leo Komarov over-under 24.5 points by Matt O’Leary

There are still a number of marquee players available to be had, but the New York Islanders are nowhere near competing for their services. How long until that changes? With success, not long.

How long will it take until the New York Islanders can become a destination for players? The Islanders keep missing out on big-name free agents or even big-name players available via trade because players don’t want to come here.

The Islanders even lost a free agent that they had for the last nine years because another market was more desirable.

During free agency the Islanders lost John Tavares to the Maple Leafs, Ryan O’Reilly was traded to the St. Louis Blues, Artemi Panarin has been rumored to be not entirely happy in Columbus, and the biggest fish of them all, Erik Karlsson is still seemingly available.

Aside from John Tavares, the New York Islanders aren’t anywhere near landing any. And even when it comes to Tavares it’s debatable how close the Islanders actually were to keeping him. How long till that changes?

Three Years

To be a destination a team has to be in contention. They’ve got to have a winning mentality and a winning culture. Even in the years where the Islanders had back-to-back 100 point seasons no one took them seriously.

The Isles might have been “close” to contending three to four years ago, but you wouldn’t attribute them with a winning mentality or a winning culture. It’s the entire reason that Lou Lamoriello removed Garth Snow and Doug Weight, and most of Weight’s coaching staff in the offseason.

The Islanders are addressing the culture, which in turn is affecting the mentality around the franchise. The Islanders are finally behaving like a normal NHL franchise and

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