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NORMAN, Okla. — Tech savvy teens may be susceptible to the growing popularity of one of the newest e-cigarettes on the market — JUUL — and it’s sold in Norman, Moore and the Oklahoma City metro area.

The packaging is sleek and sexy, according to product opponents, and flavors like mint, mango, fruit medley and crème brûlée make it particularly attractive to younger consumers, including teens.

“Alarmingly, the single JUUL cartridge or pod delivers about the equivalent of nicotine found in a pack of cigarettes,” said Jerry Deming, MPH, RN, a tobacco treatment specialist at the Norman Regional Health System. “Since the introduction of this product in 2015, sales have increased to almost 50 percent of the vapor market.”

JUUL looks similar to a common USB flash drive, making it easy for kids to sneak it into a classroom and use it even during school hours, according to And while one of the primary marketing points of JUUL is the amount of nicotine it delivers compared to other types of e-cigarettes, many young people don’t seem to realize that the product contains the addictive drug.

“I don’t think they equate these with cigarettes,” Deming said. “They think they’re safe.”

One vape store employee said nicotine levels vary in vape products and the idea is that people can work their way down to a zero percent nicotine product. That isn’t the case with JUUL, however, which became popular with college students in part due to smoke-free campus policies, one JUUL user said.

The product has become so popular that one vape enthusiast who previously used zero percent nicotine, flavored products now uses JUUL, he said.

One advantage is that while a fog can be released with JUUL, it’s also possible to inhale JUUL and not release any

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