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Like clockwork, the number of poker tables in Las Vegas, Nevada swells from May to July every year. The reason: the thousands of poker players that flock to the city from around the globe for the World Series of Poker that begins in late May.

This time around, Las Vegas poker rooms added nearly 100 poker tables in May, but that’s just the buildup, the revenue bump from the WSOP won’t be felt until next month.

Still, there was a solid year-over-year revenue increase in May, as the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported a 2.85 percent increase in poker revenue for the month.

Poker revenue reached $9,171,000, compared $8,917,000 the state’s poker rooms collected in May 2017. However, it should be noted that the 2017 WSOP began on May 31, whereas the 2018 WSOP kicked off on May 29.

For the month of May, the NGCB counted 62 poker rooms and 688 tables. Interestingly, that’s well below the number of tables the state’s card rooms boasted in May 2017. Last year there was 62 poker rooms, but 724 tables.

On a per table basis, May 2018 easily bested last year’s numbers:

May 2017 table average: $12,316 May 2018 table average: $13,330 2018 live poker revenue in Nevada

12 month poker room and table trend

Over the last three months, Nevada has averaged 616 poker tables at 63 separate locations. Those rooms generated $27,603,000 over that period, a 2.36 percent increase over the same period last year.

Over the last 12 months Nevada has averaged 614 poker tables at 66 locations. During that time the state’s poker operators have generated $119,189,000, a 1.92 percent increase over the previous 12-month period.

June 2017: 62 poker rooms and 731 poker tables July 2017: 63 poker rooms and 724 poker tables August 2017: 63

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