NBA sports gambling partnership with MGM Resorts keeps basketball ahead of the curve –

More states are beginning to legalize sports gambling — Mississippi being the most recent  — in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling, and the NBA is once again getting out in front in what promises to be a massive cash cow for pro sports leagues. The NBA announced a partnership with MGM Resorts International on Tuesday, making it the first sports league to enter a partnership with a sportsbook.

The partnership lets MGM use NBA logos and highlights in its materials, showing that the NBA is fully embracing legalized gambling. Adam Silver resigned himself to the reality that more states would legalize sports betting years ago, and at one point he said that he wanted the NBA to get a cut of bets made on the league. This may be the next best thing.

On Wednesday’s “Off the Bench” podcast, Raja Bell talked Silver and how the NBA is still ahead of the curve against other leagues such as the NFL, NHL and MLB. He also talked about the advantages that this partnership could eventually offer, and how it could facilitate further growth of the NBA.

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