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Last year, thanks to a flashy trailer and new promises, NBA 2K18 was again hyped by 2K Sports as the most complete game in its award-winning series. Instead, fans received a disappointing user experience that became stale after only a few months of the game’s existence. The high gameplay expectations were met with overpowered animations and glitches that players could take advantage of. Players felt betrayed by the invasive microtransactions and annoyed by an inescapable story mode. Lacking much post-release support, players got the impression that 2K Sports threw in the towel and let the game die. This summer, with NBA 2K18 in limbo and NBA 2K19 on the horizon, the question facing both the game and its fans was, “How will the game bounce back?”

A more intriguing prologue helps NBA 2K19’s MyCareer — and its cinematics may be skipped altogether for players who just want to get on with it. Visual Concepts/2K Sports The Story

For NBA 2K19, there was nowhere to go but up.

This year, developer Visual Concepts seems eager to correct some of the problems that befell last year’s edition. It makes sense that the title of this year’s story mode is “The Way Back.” That’s what 2K seems to be doing here: taking NBA 2K back to a place where players are neither bored nor betrayed.

In The Way Back, your player left college early for the NBA draft, only to go undrafted. He must play in China to keep his basketball dreams alive.

NBA 2K19’s MyCareer remains as deep and customizable as any sports fantasy served by a video game. Visual Concepts/2K Sports

The Way Back gives players more of a reason to be invested than the lackluster story of NBA 2K18, where their character went from basketball to

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